Talent development isn’t just to attract and retain talent, it is also a way for workplaces to build and develop their workforce through their people.

Whether the development is for new entrants, trainees, apprentices or for your seasoned professionals – if people feel they are being invested through talent development they can see that this is an investment to them. As a workplace, you can do this through money and/or time and while there is a cost to the business, it can make your team feel valued because you are investing in them as well as enable staff to reach their full potential.     

Watch this space. We are working closely with partners to bring you helpful tools and resources to give you the best chance at developing your workforce.

Think about how you can build in talent development as part of your attraction and retention approaches, but also with a wider view of your organisations overall Talent Management Strategy (Workforce Planning) and Workforce Capability Development Planning.   

Consider the positions you have today, will they be the same in 1 - 10 years’ time?  Will technology change the positions you need in the future?  How can you develop your current people for the positions you will have in the future? Determine what your workforce needs are and build your teams capabilities.  By investing in your people, you are investing in your most important asset.   

Talent development could be anything from formal qualifications, micro-credentials, short courses, or informal training.  Learning can be undertaken in the workplace, through a tertiary provider or training service provider.  If you cannot find the development package that fits the needs of your people and business, consider who can you work with to create the learning content. 

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