As the lead economic development agency for the region of Manawatū, CEDA aims to help regional Provincial Growth Fund applications to progress.  This means we’re focused on providing information and feedback on fund ideas and applications within Palmerston North city and Manawatū district.

About the Provincial Growth Fund

New Zealand Government has allocated $3 billion, over three years, to enhance economic development opportunities in regional New Zealand. This is further supported by a commitment to improve employment outcomes across Aotearoa.

CEDA is excited about the opportunity and potential of the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) to enhance and develop the Manawatū as a great place to live, work, do business and study.

As the lead economic development agency for the region of Manawatū (Palmerston North city and Manawatū district) CEDA aims to help regional PGF applications to progress. This means we’ve focused on helping and providing information and feedback for ideas and applications within the region of Manawatū only.

CEDA is here to enable, connect and review potential projects for the PGF to ensure that as a region, we’re working together to achieve the best results for all.

CEDA has been working with Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and the Provincial Development Unit to ensure we’re tapped into best practice and updates.  This enables us to help you by reviewing your application or project idea and provide you with feedback, connections and information to help you develop and shape your application.

Palmerston North city and Manawatū district boundary map

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The Provincial Development Unit is responsible for leading the Provincial Growth Fund’s design, administration and monitoring its operation in consultation with other government agencies. In the interests of public transparency, successful applications may be published by the Provincial Development Unit. Commercially sensitive and personal information will be redacted by reference to the provisions of the Official Information Act 1982. Please identify by highlighting any information in your application that you regard as commercially sensitive or as personal information for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993.

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