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CEDA is working with The Lean Hub to deliver a Supervisors Development Course, a six-month fully guided programme in Palmerston North between July 3 and December 11.

About the course:
The course encompasses six sessions to coach and train your team supervisors to be effective and productive leaders who can inspire and manage their teams to produce real results for your business.

With group learning, shared insights, and 1:1 coaching, this course is a way to empower your staff to be better supervisors, make better changes and help your business be more productive.

The programme focuses on increasing staff engagement, effective measurement and tracking, and improved flow quality and productivity, for greater profits.

Who’s leading the course?
Participants will be learning from the experts, who have more than 25 years’ operational management experience. The course coaches are Carolyn Paewai-Young and Steffan Kelly, from the Lean Hub.

“We’ve seen supervisors who have completed this course gain skills and confidence, and report more satisfaction and less frustration at work because they’ve learned the skills and techniques to lead successful teams, resulting in better staff engagement and outcomes,” says Carolyn.

The program is designed to give supervisors the tools to step up as leaders.

“The behaviour and integrity of your supervisors, foremen and team leaders rub off on others. You want those managing staff to set a great example: listening, communicating, encouraging and inspiring the best in you people.”

Key topics include:
KPI’s and metrics, communication, planning and accountabilities, HR, process improvement, and more.

Numbers are limited. Enquire now to secure a space for you or your supervisor.

Email [email protected] for more information and ask about the subsidies available under the Regional Business Partner Network.

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