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Fantastic – you’ve got a new employee joining your workplace!  Now what?

How do you currently go about ‘onboarding’ (inducting) new team members?  Onboarding is an important part of managing your talent and skills and if it’s done well, it will be a key component of retaining your new team member.  If it’s done poorly, this could be a reason for people to leave. 

Integrating new workers and their families into the community requires action to:   

  • Ensure an adequate supply of housing options and choices   
  • Connect workers families to education and employment opportunities   
  • Support community cohesion and connectedness. 

Creating a new sense of belonging, community, and social connectedness for an individual and/or their family will go a long way to support them staying with your business and their new ‘home’. 

Make yourself at home in Manawatū
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