Where possible, aligning Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) applications with regional growth strategies is a smart approach.  To get an idea of the strategies, plans and initiatives that are helping our region to grow, to inform your idea and application, see below. 

Provincial Growth Fund Criteria

Provincial Growth Fund projects are assessed against a set of criteria. Projects must:
  • Lift the productivity of a region or regions
  • Contribute to the PGF objectives
  • Create additional value and avoid duplicating existing efforts
  • Have a link to the regional priorities and be supported by stakeholders, and
  • Be well managed, well-governed and have appropriate trade-offs between risk and reward.
Who can apply?
  • Individuals, non-government organisations, iwi, companies, and charities can all apply to the PGF.
  • All New Zealand companies, including those that are foreign-owned, may be eligible if they are looking to make investments in New Zealand.
  • The three main metropolitan areas – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – are not eligible.
There are three investment types, or tiers:
  • Regional: Support of economic development projects, feasibility studies and capability building identified within regions.
  • Infrastructure: Regional infrastructure projects that enable regions to be well connected from an economic and social perspective, including rail, road and communications.
  • Sectors: Initiatives targeted at priority and/or high value sector opportunities. This includes the One Billion Trees Programme.

You can make an application to any of the three tiers above, or to two or more tiers where they are interconnected. For example, development of a new tourism attraction may need investment in the local road network to improve visitor access, and investment in building local skills in tourism and hospitality – that covers two tiers.

Where applications touch on areas that receive government funding from elsewhere, for example, land transport infrastructure, we will consider the purpose and priorities of that funding when we look at your application. We will work to ensure that funding comes from the most appropriate source.

What is not eligible?

The following are not eligible for the PGF as they are funded by other means:

  • Housing (unless it is a core part of a broader project and would not otherwise be required).
  • Water and large-scale irrigation.
  • Social infrastructure (such as hospitals and schools).
For more information:

The above information comes from the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Education Grow Regions website. For more information on the Provincial Growth Fund please please visit growregions.govt.nz