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Are you looking for one-on-one advice to solve business challenges or are you an experienced business owner a and would like to pass on your knowledge?

Are you a business owner looking for advice? Perhaps you have a decision to make within your business but you’re unsure on which direction to take.

Running a business can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Business Mentors was founded in 1991 to match experienced business professionals with small business owners.

Business Mentors New Zealand connects you with proven professionals who are ready to offer the business coaching you’re looking for. The service matches individuals with a business mentor who has walked in your shoes and has the expertise to guide you to success.

If this sounds like you, check out the Business Mentors New Zealand website to see how a business mentor is selected to ensure their skills and knowledge complement your business needs.

Whatever support you need there will be a mentor with the necessary skills to help you as each business mentor is selected to ensure their skills and knowledge complement your business needs.

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Looking to Give Back? Become a Business Mentor

Alternatively, you may be interested in passing your knowledge on to a business in need as a Business Mentor.

As a Business Mentor, you understand the highs and lows of business and have been on your own business development journey. Your interest and willingness to give your time, knowledge and experience to support a person who owns a small business, existing or emerging, or a social enterprise executive is what makes you valuable to our business mentoring service.

A Mentor is a guide, an advocate, an empathetic ear, supporter and a catalyst for change. With no financial or emotional investment in the business, you are motivated only by the success of the business you’re mentoring.

If you think you have the experience and knowledge to share with our business community you can find out more and register as a Business Mentor here.

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