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As the Regional Tourism Organisation for Manawatū, CEDA is here to support our visitor sector thrive and grow.

Reaching and Engaging Customers

It is important that your business is visible online. Below is a list of useful tools to help ensure you can continue reaching your customers to keep them informed about your business.

Learn more about digital visibility here

Effectively using Zoom

Product walkthroughs and quick reference videos are featured throughout the in-depth training courses in Zoom’s learning centre.

Google my business

The most effective, and free tool for your business. Check out this useful article on the Google my Business resource.

Check out the benefits of Google my business here

CEDA’S Marketing Template

Download the template for creating a marketing plan

Struggling to show what we in Manawatū all know?

Check out:

The ManawatuNZ Visual Library – your free resource of images and videos to help showcase the epic landscapes and activities of the Manawatū region.

Manawatū StoriesShare the best of Palmy and Manawatū! From eating and drinking hit-lists to family friendly day trips, shopping hot spots and rural discoveries. This is the start of something beautiful. Check it out!

Check out these marketing tips, tools and resources

Marketing 101 for business

Nailing your promotion and marketing activity is the key to the success of your business. Having a great product or experience is good…

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Levelling Up Your Marketing For Tourism Businesses

Understanding who your customers are and creating the right content at the right time and through the right channels, is a key part of marketing..

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About your Regional Tourism Organisation, CEDA

The Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) is the economic development agency and regional tourism organisation for the Manawatū..

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Ō Mātou Kaihāpai | Our Supporters

We’re a well connected team and couldn’t make such great things happen without our supporters.