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Keen to develop your business with environmental and social sustainability in mind? Here are a range of links to useful tools and resources to get you started and support you on your sustainability journey.

Remember, you’re never too small to make a difference! SMEs account for the vast majority of businesses globally, and represent 97% of all businesses in NZ. With these numbers, small sustainable changes across NZ SMEs could have a huge impact on our collective progress, and progress is measured in many forms. A business that is sustainably focussed on People, Planet and Purpose, will ultimately improve your bottom line – your Profit, along with your progress!

We also know it’s hard work running a business, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the various sustainability tools and information available. If you are a business in Palmy, Manawatū or Tararua, and you want to understand how you can grow your business with sustainability in mind, contact [email protected] to connect with a CEDA Business Growth Advisor. There is no cost involved, yet a wealth of opportunities available.

The Benefits of a Sustainable Business

What is a sustainable business?

How to be environmentally sustainable?

Making global goals local business

UN Global Compact Website

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