To achieve our vision of being New Zealand’s most progressive region, CEDA must work in partnership with our shareholders, central government, Māori, local iwi, industry, and other regional stakeholders – it cannot be achieved alone.

Below are the partnerships we hold, and how we work together to achieve success for the region:

Tourism New Zealand

As the Regional Tourism Organisation for Palmerston North city and Manawatū district, CEDA holds the relationship with Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) for the region, partnering with the TNZ team on media visits, trade events and famils. CEDA works to ensure our city and regions profile is grown across their key channels including and various marketing activity. Through our partnership, we are the go between for our region’s tourism businesses and work with TNZ to get our businesses ready to work in the media space and travel trade space 

The Factory

The Factory is a business development, training and innovation hub, offering a range of programmes to facilitate entrepreneurs, founders, startups and companiesThey have a pathway for different stages, right from aspiring students to businesses looking to raise investmentsPart of economic development work is to nurture an environment of entrepreneurship, which will result in economic growth and employment opportunities within the region. CEDA is proud to play its part in this space by partnering with The Factory. 

Rangitāne o Manawatū

Rangitāne o Manawatū (Rangitāne), are the mana whenua of Palmerston NorthCEDA and Rangitāne work together on matters of mutual interest regarding Economic Development, Talent and Skills Development and Destination Management Planning including the visitor sector.  

Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education plays a vital role in the region, not only do Massey UniversityUCOL and IPU employ large workforces of academics and professional staff, they play host to 1000s of students every year. These students, whether domestic or international, contribute to the region’s economy while they are studying, but they are also developing their capabilities to becoming work ready graduates. This graduate talent pool forms part of the future workforce of the region. Through our partnerships with these key tertiary providers, we work together with sectors, industries and businesses to build a talent pipeline of graduates. 

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

CEDA delivers the Regional Business Partner Programme on behalf of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, to businesses in the Manawatū-Whanganui region to grow and develop management capability. This is done by connecting businesses to the relevant expertise, resources and potential funding towards training and development opportunities. 

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

CEDA works with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to help local businesses start to export or current export businesses grow internationally. We also engage with NZTE on international investment opportunities for the regionby foreign direct investment 

Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation is a catalyst for the commercialisation of science, engineering, technology and design. It serves complex needs of industry, government and research to benefit clients, partners, and our region’s economy and society. Callaghan Innovation has objectives to accelerate the growth, scale, intensity, and success of innovation in our region and to build the appetite among firms to invest in R&D and support export growth. CEDA’s specialist Business Growth Advisorwork with businesses of all sizes to guide them through Callaghan Innovation’s grant programmes, including student grants are designed to provide additional R&D support and resources to businesses, while providing students with real life experience in a commercial environment.  

Manawatū Business Chamber

Our partnership with Manawatū Business Chamber enables both organisations to collectively build the capabilities of business across the region. This is achieved through economic development practices, business growth, and sustainability, and business retention.   

Business Mentors New Zealand

Business Mentors New Zealand is the only independent national business mentoring service provider to the small business sector in New Zealand. The service matches experienced business people with small business owners. CEDA, as part of MBIE’s Regional Business Partners Program, delivers this service to local businesses that need mentorin various aspects of the business. 

Talent Central and Central Skills Hub

CEDA has formally partnered with Talent Central and Central Skills Hub. These two organisations form part of the talent and skills eco-system, providing support to get people workready. CEDA works with them to identify opportunities to support people at work and connecting businesses that could make use of Talent Central’s or Central Skills Hub’s services. 

Manfeild/National Driver Training Centre

When people or businesses need support in getting their drivers licenses, CEDA directs them to the National Driver Training Centre. The National Driver Training Centre is based at Manfeild in Feilding and offer driver training from a class one learner’s license right through to class five. Additionally, they offer a range of other courses that support people to be work ready including wheels, tracks and rollers and forklift licenses. As part of our formal partnership, we also provide trackside sponsorship at Manfeild. 

Feilding & District Promotion

CEDA and Feilding & District Promotion work together on activities that support the local business community, and profile Feilding and Manawatū districtBoth organisations look to opportunities to engage with businesses to understand how we can support them, whether through talent and skills acquisitionworkforce development or building successful businessesWe partner on marketing activities, profiling Feilding and the District as a brilliant place to visit and explore  


FoodHQ is a national collaboration, headquartered in Manawatū, that involves the majority of New Zealand’s publicly funded food science and innovation capability. CEDA partners with FoodHQ to achieve success and growth in a local, national and global market by leveraging opportunities and delivering results for the region and its community and to support its vision for Manawatū to be New Zealand’s most progressive region by 2025. 


Sprout is focused on getting AgriTech and FoodTech businesses into the global marketplaceThey are also instrumental in developing Manawatū’s AgriTech Strategy and driving the implementation of the same, on behalf of CEDA. CEDA is also the economic development agency partner for Sprout in the Accelerator programme, which is tailor-made for each selected company to deliver the three core areas of enabling connection, access to domain knowledge and capital raising preparation. 

Manawatū Young Professionals Network

CEDA are the Elite Platinum Sponsors of Manawatū Young Professionals Network (MYPN). Together we work to create opportunities for young professionals from all sectors and industries living in the region to connect, grow and thrive 

Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatū

CEDA became an official partner of Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatū in 2021. Our partnership is focused on working collaboratively to connect our skilled migrants with appropriate job opportunities.  

Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand and CEDA work together to improve and lift the contribution of migrant attraction, retention and settlement within the Manawatū region. We achieve this through our formal partnership that gives focus on improving connections between the business community and access to migrant labour.  

Ministry of Social Development

Our work with Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is focused on connecting job seekers with employment opportunities or career events and businesses with workforce needs. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, CEDA supported MSD to promote the, an all-of-government website that allows employers, job seekers, and people seeking information about training to find out about what is available and links to agency websites for more detailed information. We did this by hosting MSD through our webinar series and various communication channels. CEDA values MSDs participation in the Central Region Talent and Skills Advisory Group, including providing valuable data and insights. 

Alliance Group

The Alliance Group are a consortium of Civil Construction companies who will be working on the Te Ahu Turanga (Manawatū Tararua Highway) Project commencing in 2021 and expecting to be completed by the end of 2024. Projects of this significance require a diverse and specialised workforce. CEDA is working with the Alliance Group on facilitating connections and supporting them to build their existing workforce capabilities and to attract talent and skills to the work roles they have available.  

Welcoming Communities

Welcoming Communities recognises that communities are healthier, happier, and more productive when newcomers are welcomed and participate fully in society and in the local economy. Palmerston North City Council leads the Welcoming Communities programme within our city and region. CEDA provides guidance, leadership and connection to support the integration of newcomers to the region in relation to talent and skills and the value newcomers play in the development and progression of the regions workforce needs.