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The EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) are offering funding for small to medium sized business in the commercial and industrial sector to install and upgrade off-theshelf equipment to improve energy efficiency and lower emissions via the Equipment Replacement Scheme (ERS). 

The ERS is designed to support businesses with a range of programmes and products to enhance their sustainability and energy efficiency with a priority on water heating, space heating, commercial lighting and electric motor systems. 

“We have the tools and expertise to reduce our energy-related emissions and move off fossil fuels. Plus, there are co-benefits to decarbonizing like reducing your energy-use and, in time, your costs.”
Nicki Sutherland, Group Manager Business, EECA 

Applications are open now for the Hot Water Heat Pump programme, the first initiative to come out of the ERS. Heating water in industrial and commercial businesses consumes nearly 10% of all non-transport energy in New Zealand.

Hot water heat pumps provide an energy-efficient, low-emissions solution to the traditional technology that commercial and industrial businesses use for their hot water needs.

The Hot Water Heat Pump programme provides co-funding for ‘air-to-water’ hot water heat pumps that are used in commercial and industrial buildings to supply hot water for:

  • Heating water in places like kitchens, showers
  • Heating spaces of all types, for example, from workplaces to indoor cropping
  • Combined space and water heating (as above)
  • The programme is suited to sites that use a minimum of 1,500 litres of water per day and are replacing fossil-fuelled or inefficient electric boilers.
The opportunity for businesses


Switching away from fossil fuels can have many benefits for businesses, beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Cost savings – reduce operating costs through energy efficiency and fuel switching
  • Social license – improve your reputation with socially responsible consumers and investors
  • Brand value – tap into new markets, spark innovation and create business opportunities
  • Employee engagement – attract and retain talent
  • Avoid inflationary costs – coal and gas are being phased out
  • Stay ahead of regulation for climate change mitigation and avoid inflationary costs by doing inevitable capital projects earlier

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