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Sustainability and profitability have long been perceived as opposing ideas. But the truth is they go hand in hand. Running a business that is sustainability focused on people, planet and purpose, will ultimately improve your bottom line – your profit – along with your progress!

We know the real challenge for SMEs is finding the time to dedicate to practices like this and, with all the information out there, it can often feel a bit overwhelming. To help, CEDA have put together a toolkit of resources to help you understand what being a sustainable business looks like and involves. We cover everything from “What is a sustainable business?” to “The Benefits of being a Sustainable Business“, and of course, how to get there.

Greg Bignall, CEDA’s Business Development Manager says ” It’s important to remember, that no matter how big or small your business, or what change you’re making, it’s never too small to make a difference. SMEs account for the vast majority of businesses globally and represent 97% of all businesses in New Zealand. With these numbers, small sustainable changes across all SMEs could have a huge impact on our collective progress, and progress is measured in many forms.”

Are you a business based in Palmy, Manawatū or Tararua that has implemented sustainable practices? We would love to hear from you and celebrate your success. Reach out to us [email protected]

Check out the toolkit here >>

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