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As part of our work to build the profile and narrative of our region, CEDA commissioned a video to build pride in Manawatū following the COVID-19 lockdown. The video was first launched in June 2020, and achieved an incredible 234,000 views in the first month of going live.

“With COVID-19, Manawatū and New Zealand has gone through something the likes of which we never imagined,” says Linda Stewart, CEO of the organisation Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA).

“Isolation and our tiny COVID-19 bubbles severed the community bonds we take for granted. As we stepped down COVID-19 alert levels, CEDA wanted something to mark the turning point that spoke to us as Kiwis and as people of Manawatū.

“Shot in both Te Reo and English, it is inspired by what Manawatū means and that is ‘heart standing still.’ It is about where we’ve been, celebrating our resilience and connectedness but also about inspiring a future that is yet to come.

“The video was created with the support of Rangitāne o Manawatū and celebrates what makes us special and seems to have struck a chord. It defines Manawatū people and our special place in the world and CEDA’s purpose as an organisation.

A digital campaign to support the promotion of the video was run throughout the month of June, to both a local audience and into our neighbouring regions within a two-hour drive. In total the video reached 280,012 people with 19.442 engagements – and there were 2,700 likes and 2,799 shares of the video which was promoted via the Palmerston North City & Manawatū Facebook Page.

Watch Te Reo and English versions of the video below, and share with your networks to spread the message of Manawatū.

Ko tōku kainga tēnei, ko Manawatū.

This is our place. This is Manawatū. 

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