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Business Mentors New Zealand helping businesses through the year ahead

CEDA partners with Business Mentors New Zealand to connect business owners and entrepreneurs with those who can provide one-on-one advice to help them to start, grow or solve business challenges and share their experiences.

Business Mentors New Zealand is an independent not-for-profit mentoring service committed to supporting the success of small business owners, start-up entrepreneurs and social enterprise decision-makers.

To date, Business Mentors New Zealand have provided a Mentor to over 1,400+ small business owners from around Aotearoa. With the country remaining at the Red light setting our Business Mentor Coordinator urges all businesses to reach out to their Mentor, renew their mentoring or sign up for a Business Mentor.

Below are some hot tips to help you retain a strong team to make the most of the year ahead:

Keep wellbeing top of mind
Even though business owners have incredible stress, your team members are likely to be facing their own challenges as a result of the pandemic. If you’ve reduced your team, there may also be additional pressure on those remaining.

If you put wellbeing supports in place during the first wave of COVID-19 check if any should be reviewed. Sometimes, little things can go a long way to changing someone’s outlook or sense they’re appreciated.

Be open-minded about remote working
Most people were excited to get out of lockdown and return to their workplaces, but don’t assume it’s the case for everyone. According to Bloomberg, 39% of people would consider quitting if they lost the option for some remote work. Among millennials and Gen Z, that figure sits even higher at 49%.

Taking time to ask about a person’s preference for remote work will help them feel valued, as long as you’re authentic about trying to find a solution that works for everyone.

Equity is more important than ever
Some groups have been more impacted than others in the pandemic, particularly women, so take care you’re not exacerbating inequality within your team; it can become a sticking point.

Transparency can show a fair approach, it can help employees understand a pathway for the future. Updating your job descriptions to reflect new remote conditions offers a good opportunity to add clarity on expectations and rewards.

Listen and be proactive
What’s better than a great exit interview? A ‘stay-terview!’ Rather than wait until people resign, try setting up a regular interview purely to talk about what would keep employees to stay and contribute their best. If people know this is part of your practice they’re also more likely to be open about any plans rather than starting another job search.

If someone does choose to leave your team, consider asking how they might have felt better supported; you may be able to use their insights to retain others.

Don’t panic 
Although hiring new people means an investment of time and money, it’s also an opportunity to bring fresh ideas and energy into your business. So, don’t despair if you lose a key player. Although keeping a core of long-serving staff may give you a sense of stability, today’s businesses need to be adaptable and innovative. Fresh perspectives are an asset. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why Business Mentors have such an impact!

Please ensure you visit our COVID-19 Hub for the latest information and helpful resources to support your business to navigate this new framework. 

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