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A new collaboration between CEDA and ManawaTech could increase the number of recent tech graduates moving to the region.

Together CEDA and ManawaTech have partnered with the Summer of Tech programme to showcase Manawatū. Summer of Tech is a nationwide internship programme, established in 2006, that enables employers to connect directly with students and graduates on a digital platform, efficiently identifying best candidates for the roles and shortening the time spent recruiting. The sponsorship will provide local businesses with the opportunity to access this database of talent for free, as well as encourage highly skilled interns and graduates to move to Manawatū to pursue their career through a targeted marketing campaign.

“Tech is a crucial sector for Manawatū as it cuts across industries. We are seeing developments in tech locally across distribution and logistics, food and fibre, IT and many more,” says CEDA Business Development Manager, Greg Bignall.

“This relationship will be beneficial for all companies involved in STEM.”

The Summer of Tech sponsorship for local businesses will initially be in place for one year, after which the relationship will be assessed based on data collected through the platform. Key statistics will include the number of successful placements, the increase in interest to move to Manawatū in this demographic, and feedback from local businesses that take part.

This relationship is unique but not new. Kate Morten, Employer Engagement Manager at Summer of Tech, explains that a similar approach has been taken in Nelson- Tasman in 2019 and more recently with Development West Coast last year.

“We have always had a good relationship with tech businesses in Manawatū but are excited at the new opportunities this partnership will offer. Last year we had 378 students on the platform identify Manawatū as a place they would be willing to move to for work – we are sure this number will continue to grow with a targeted push to promote the region,” says Morten.

“Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen that roughly 20% of our placements are candidates moving to a new region for a role. So, our candidates are keen to move if the opportunity is right.”

The collaboration is strongly endorsed by local tech companies. ManawaTech, a local industry led, nonprofit organisation, has been instrumental in supporting getting this off the ground.

“Recruitment has always been a challenge for local businesses,” says Steve Pavarno, ManawaTech Executive Officer. “While we get great graduates from local study providers like UCOL | Te Pūkenga, it just isn’t enough to keep up with the growth and demand we are seeing in the region.

“We are excited about the chance to attract fresh talent to the region, there are some very talented people on the platform. The platform itself has some great tools that allow employers to search by experience, training, or commercial experience.”

Reports from Summer of Tech indicate that since 2006, roughly 80% of all summer interns have ended up being on-hired by their employer leading to sustainable growth and employment.

There are over 120 tech companies currently operating in the region with many indicating that the main barrier for them not getting involved in Summer of Tech previously being the cost. Thanks to the CEDA and ManawaTech sponsorship all membership fees will be completely wiped and reduce placement fees by 50%.

“The more tech professionals we have in the region, the better the region will perform,” says Pavarno. “Tech has a multiplying effect. Tech experts will always provide increased efficiencies for businesses, this leads to better productivity leading to growth, development, and ultimately more money in the region.”

Details for employers:

This sponsorship provides employers with:

  • Free registration saving $500+GST per year.
  • 50% reduction in placement fees.
  • Direct, targeted advertising campaign for Manawatū roles to our student database
  • Higher priority in job search results within the Summer of Tech recruitment events such as Meet & Greet.
  • A coordinated bespoke, online recruitment event where Manawatū employers can showcase their roles and connect directly with our candidates.

For more information and to register, please contact:

Greg Bignall
Business Development Manager, CEDA
[email protected]
021 024 08853

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