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Five things your business can do right now to stay on top of communicating to your customers online

With the addition of the trans-Tasman travel bubble, it is more important than ever to make sure both visitors and locals know you are open and ready for business.

Our friends at Miles Partnership have recorded this short, simple to follow video on how to reach your customers for free across Google, Facebook, Apple Maps & TripAdvisor. Take a moment to refresh yourself on these essential and FREE tools for your business.

A simple 10 minute video on how to reach your customers for free across Google, Facebook, Apple Maps & TripAdvisor. 

Here is a quick Checklist:

  1. Claim your business on the highest visibility platforms: Google, Apple Maps, Facebook and TripAdvisor.
  1. Update your hours, even if they haven’t changed. The visibility of your opening hours online are a key decision-making driver for customers. In both Google and Facebook, opening hours will affect when customers see a business they search for and the recency of your update will give them confidence that you are open when you say you are.
  1. Check that you have the best attributes selected for your business services. Each business offers different services, so it's important to make sure you have ticked the right ones for yours on Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google My Business so that you show up in the correct searches.
  1. Add four or five new photos each month. Make sure you are adding recent photos as a business owner. Businesses with 100 images or more on Google and TripAdvisor get higher exposure rates by almost 33 percent and adding just  4-5 photos a month lifts exposure between 10 – 30%. Photo volume and frequency lift exposure for your business, giving consumers reassurance and confidence.
  1. Add a new post to all your platforms at least once a week. Have a plan to communicate consistently both in terms of messaging and frequency and do it repeatedly across your different platforms. Google Posts are free, they offer tracking links, take up good screen real estate and can include, photos, text and links. Just log in to your Google My Business page to post and you can use the same information and content across your multiple platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
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