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CEDA partners with Business Mentors New Zealand to connect business owners, entrepreneurs and social enterprises with mentors who can provide one-on-one advice to help your business grow and to solve specific business challenges.

About Business Mentors New Zealand

CEDA partners with Business Mentors New Zealand to connect business owners and entrepreneurs with those who can provide one-on-one advice to help them to start, grow or solve business challenges and share their experiences. 

Business Mentors New Zealand is an independent not-for-profit mentoring service committed to supporting the success of small business owners, start-up entrepreneurs and social enterprise decision-makers.

For a small registration fee of $295 plus GST, Business Mentors New Zealand matches small business owners to experienced Business Mentors for up to 12 months. Mentors gift their skills, knowledge, and understanding to help business owners grow or work through specific challenges. Local business development centre, CEDA is one of 17 agencies nationwide that match small business owners with Mentors. 

Whether you’re the owner of a small businessstartup, or social enterprise CEDA can help match you with an experienced mentor who will help accelerate your business growth.

Volunteer as a Mentor

As a mentor, you’ll be dedicated to assisting business owners and the community that they influence. With no financial or emotional investment in the business, you offer a unique, invaluable perspective: You understand the highs and lows of business and can help your mentee bypass mistakes, shorten their learning curve, and accelerate their growth.

If you think you have experience and knowledge to share with New Zealand’s small business community, speak to CEDA’s Business Team to join the network of mentors.

Register for a Business Mentor

If you’re an owner of an existing small business, have a startup business idea, or are a decision-maker for a social enterprise, then you are eligible for the service.

Register Now

CEDA partner with the Regional Business Partner Network. Find out more.

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