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Having the right workforce is crucial when growing your business. The process of hiring new employees can be daunting at times, but investing time in finding the right person is worthwhile. Hiring the right people can save you valuable time in training, reduce staff turnover, and enhance efficiency across your business.

The right workforce brings crucial expertise, skills, and experience to drive your business forward. Their presence enables your organisation to be more productive, more effective, and fosters innovation. Having the right team can also help to create a positive and supportive work environment, helping you to attract and retain top talent.

In Manawatū, we are proud to have a wealth of qualified graduates and skilled workers who are ready to contribute their expertise to help your business thrive. With a labour pool of over one million people, you’re sure to find the people you need right here.

What does the Manawatū have to offer?

Infographic detailing information about Manawatu

Struggling to show what we in Manawatū all know?

Check out:

The ManawatuNZ Visual Library – your free resource of images and videos to help showcase the epic landscapes and activities of the Manawatū region.

Manawatū StoriesShare the best of Palmy and Manawatū! From eating and drinking hit-lists to family friendly day trips, shopping hot spots and rural discoveries. This is the start of something beautiful. Check it out!

Ready to make the move? We can help you find the right people for your business.

Check out the links below or contact us to see how we can help find the right talent for your business.

Local recruiters

When it comes to finding the right talent for your business, these Palmerston North recruitment agencies have got you covered. Explore their services and find the perfect fit for your team:

Resources for building a skilled team

Need guidance on the hiring process, staff types, or shaping your work culture? Check out these helpful resources from

Grow your business – is a valuable government resource that aims to support your business’ growth and success.It offers employment education and training services, hosting or support for your recruitment events, recruitment help, and free job advertisement listings.

Access training, hiring, and staff support – Ministry of Social Development

Streamline your recruitment process, access top talent, and take your business to the next level with the Ministry of Social Development. Leverage the expertise of work brokers who can assist with listing vacancies, connect you with skilled candidates, and even provide guidance on training costs. If you need, you can take advantage of the convenient facilities at the Work and Income building for conducting interviews.

Flexi-wage support – Work and Income

Work and Income’s flexi-wage provides financial assistance to help you pay and upskill new employees who may be at risk of long-term benefit reliance or facing disadvantages in the labour market. With flexi-wage, you can access financial support to cover training costs, ensuring that your new hires receive the skills they need to thrive in their roles. This support can also be used to support self employed.

Mana in Mahi – Work and Income

Take part in this initiative which connects employers with motivated individuals who are eager to work but require additional support. By participating in “Mana in Mahi” you can access wage subsidies tailored to industries in training pathways and receive incentive payments.

Want to learn more about career opportunities in Manawatū?

Found the people, but looking to develop their skills? Check out our resources here.

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