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Business Success Story: Gillard Honey

Gillard Honey are proud to be 100% family owned and operated specialising in export quality 100% natural, raw Kiwi honey, “just as nature intended”.

There’s no doubt that Nathan & Amanda Gillard are community minded, humble, passionate and extremely generous.

For the Gillard’s, Honey is a genuine passion, and every aspect of what they do is driven by making a difference.

Nathan Gillard says success looks different to them; it is not about the money – it is about making a positive impact in the community.

“For us, it isn’t about getting as many jars as possible out the door it’s about educating people about our products and the unique and wonderful benefits that come from the types of raw honey varieties.”

“We want people to believe in what we do and build long-lasting, successful relationships – that’s what we are most proud of at the end of the day.”

Nathan & Amanda Gillard believe honey should be made available to every whanau, as the affordable luxury it is.

We don’t just focus on manuka honey says Nathan.

“We realise manuka is a real delicacy with amazing health benefits but there are a whole range of honey types we offer with amazing benefits that may not be so familiar to New Zealanders, which is where we come in”.

Nathan is very much hands on when it comes to his role at Gillard Honey, one day he’ll be suited and booted in the hives, and the next he’ll be dashing out the door to deliver a load of honey to a local primary school.

Recently, Gillard Honey launched ‘The Honey Pot Project’ working with local schools to educate students on the benefits of raw honey, the procurement process and importance of sustainability by demonstrating the process and providing honey for lunch, school camps or raffles for fundraising.

“We are very proud to be partnering with several Palmerston North schools to talk to local tamariki about bees and how we work with these beautiful creatures, we love seeing kids ask questions and learn something new, it is so rewarding”.

Locally owned and operated, Gillard Honey have their own apiary sites throughout the greater Manawatū region, with a focus on delivering quality honey with little impact on the environment.

Gillard Honey provide a “Hive to Home” traceable product so customers know where their honey comes from, something which is high in the priorities for consumers these days.

“It [sustainability] comes with our family values; we believe it is everyone's responsibility to do their part when it comes to environmental sustainability.”

“We ensure our environment is given the respect it needs by managing every step of the harvesting process, from carrying the hives into beautiful New Zealand bush right through to the point of sale by delivering the final product to our very happy customers all of which is in packaging that is BPA-free. This way, we can be sure our product is of the highest quality and being produced ethically - something we are proud to put our name on.”

To find out more or partner with this fantastic family business, please email Nathan Gillard.

For more information about Gillard Honey, visit their website.

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