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Are you seeking a way to support local businesses? CEDA partners with Business Mentors New Zealand to connect business owners and entrepreneurs with those who can provide one-on-one advice to help them to start, grow or solve business challenges and share their experiences.

Business Mentors New Zealandis an independent not-for-profit mentoring service committed to supporting the success of small business owners, start-up entrepreneurs and social enterprise decision-makers.

To date, Business Mentors New Zealand have provided a Mentor to over 1,400+ small business owners from around Aotearoa. With more relaxed restrictions, we encourage all businesses to reach out to their Mentor, renew their mentoring or sign up for a Business Mentor.

CEDA delivers the Business Mentors New Zealand programme which connects small business owners and entrepreneurs with experienced business people who can provide one-on-one advice to help them start, grow, or solve challenges.

Due to an influx of Manawatū-Whanganui businesses seeking mentorship support, we are calling out for more Business Mentors to join the programme and give back to the local business community.

Becoming a Business Mentor is a rewarding role that enables you to share your knowledge and experience, and become a valuable guide, sounding board, and catalyst for growth for a local business.

As a mentor, you’ll be dedicated to assisting business owners and the community that they influence. With no financial or emotional investment in the business, you offer a unique, invaluable perspective: you understand the highs and lows of business and can help your Mentee bypass mistakes, shorten their learning curve, and accelerate their growth.

If you are interested becoming a Business Mentor and would like to know more, please contact CEDA’s Business Mentor Coordinator, Janelle Simonsen.

Register to be a Business Mentor here

As a Business Mentor, you are used as a sounding board for businesses offering advice and support to whatever challenges they may be facing and most importantly giving them confidence in what they are doing.

When you become a Mentor, you are paired up with a Mentee with shared values and business alignment so working together is easy.

It gives you a buzz to help people with enthusiasm to achieve their goals.

Jeff Dickins, Business Mentor Manawatū

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