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Inventory Management & Turnover

Inventory management is vital to the success of a business’s operations, especially for small businesses. Efficiently managing your inventory can lead to reduced costs, improved cash flow, increased customer satisfaction, and higher profitability.

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Hiring and Managing People

Tips and Tools to help you hire staff with confidence and manage people day to day.

Risk and Operations

Manage risks and health and safety effectively, learn how to oversee daily operations

Leasing or buying premises

If it’s your first premises or you are relocating, the first step is to think about buying vs leasing

Working from Home

Working from home is convenient, and even necessary as part of a business continuity plan, but isn’t necessarily as safe for the services and date you’re accessing remotely

More Tools and Resources for your business

Check out the many tools, tips, and templates on offer for your business through

From a quick-focus business plan, protecting your IP, through to taxes and levies – this is your one stop shop. Visit today

Business Support

Are you looking for one-on-one advice to solve specific business challenges?

Connect here with one of CEDA’s dedicated business mentors.

Training and Development Guide

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