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CEDA launches infrastructure and construction talent and attraction marketing campaign

CEDA is excited to announce the launch of a significant national marketing campaign to attract talent to the infrastructure and construction sector, highlighting job opportunities in Manawatū to help combat the current skills shortage and to stand out in the fierce national competition for talent.

The digital-led campaign went live on Friday, 26 November 2021 outlining the benefits of a career in Manawatū’s infrastructure and construction sector. Targeted at all skill levels including those just starting, qualified, or seeking a career change the campaign will hit major New Zealand cities and highlights not only the career opportunities but the attractive lifestyle that comes with it, especially to those relocating from bigger cities such as Auckland.

Before going live with the campaign, CEDA presented the campaign methodology and sponsorship options to key industry leaders, partners, and stakeholders to seek feedback. This collaborative approach provided CEDA with valuable local knowledge and insights to inform the campaign direction to ensure it was relevant and captured the target audience. As a result, eight key businesses joined as co-funding partners; eHaus, Turfrey, Hawkins, UCOL, Downer, Higgins, Resonant and AWF all-in agreeance to help address a significant regional challenge.

Higgins Regional People & Performance Manager Juliette Darnley says “CEDA is providing real leadership in attracting needed infrastructure and construction talent to the region with this campaign and we’re proud to support this initiative”.

“The new website is a great resource for people considering a move to the Manawatū – with valuable information presented with life and energy”, adds Darney.

Jasmine Groves, Executive Director Business and Industry partnerships at UCOL believes this collaboration is the best way forward for the skills shortage in the region.

“Joining forces on this campaign makes absolute sense for the Manawatū, UCOL plays an important part in training future talent and working to ensure that students gain valuable work experience and and have continued on the job learning and support”, says Groves.

Sara Towers, CEDA’s Talent and Skills Manager says labour and skill shortages are some of Manawatū businesses’ biggest barriers to growth but also recognises this isn’t a challenge unique to our region or this sector, and there is no quick fix to the challenge.

“As a country, we face many hurdles when it comes to attracting talent, especially in an ever-changing COVID-19 environment and border restrictions. Manawatū’s significant growth trajectory and economic resilience means there is an increasing number of jobs to fill”.

“In light of these challenges, people are rethinking their goals or career paths, relocating from all over the country, leaving the bigger cities for a simpler and more regional lifestyle where there is more time in your day and your dollar stretches further. International insights also show people are beginning the process of coming home back to Aotearoa to put down their roots.”

“Developed through extensive feedback and research, this sector specific campaign is a critical step in the right direction to support the safeguarding of our talent pipeline by highlighting the many opportunities and benefits of living and working here”, adds Towers.

The Infrastructure and Construction campaign is homed on the newly launched website. Here users can find all the information they need to get a trade career in Manawatū. Key features include a relocation prize incentive of five thousand dollars, direct feed to relevant TradeMe job listings in the region, and direct contact with recruitment agency AWF offering users a tangible and meaningful experience.

For more information:
Sara Towers, Talent and Skills Manager
[email protected]

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