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The COVID-19 Protection Framework has replaced the COVID-19 Alert Level system. Find the latest information and helpful resources to support your business to navigate this new framework below.

Phase Three of the Omicron response plan

Useful resources

The Framework – What it means
Traffic Light Map – Find the colour zone of where you live or work – Resources for your business
Posters – Useful visuals for your business
COVID-19 Website – For the latest COVID-19 information (official Government website)

The team at CEDA have created the following templates to help your organisation with health and safety planning if COVID-19 enters your workplace:

Checklist for Businesses

Mandated Businesses
  1. Develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan and Policy (see below)
  2. Display posters advising people entering to have a My Vaccine Pass
  3. Sight all My Vaccine Passes and verify a using the verifier app
  4. Must have vaccinated workers
  5. Face covering rules must be complied with
Non-Mandated Businesses
  1. You are required to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  2. It is recommended that you conduct a risk assessment
    1. Focus on exposure (catching) and transmission (spreading) of COVID-19
    2. Per role/work done basis
    3. You can use existing WorkSafe guidance OR the Government Vaccination Assessment Tool (You can choose which assessment to use)
    4. Keep it simple
  3. It is recommended that you develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan and Vaccination Policy
    1. You need to consult with your employees to develop this
    2. It provides clarity and is specific to your business, its risks, and roles
    3. You can use WorkSafe’s template for a COVID-19 Safety Plan
  4. If you’re changing requirements in the workplace, you must still follow employment law

Preparing your workplace

Have a plan for COVID-19 affecting your workers, suppliers, or customers. Businesses need to consider how you will use PPE gear, enable social distancing, roster staff, and manage service expectations.

MBIE have produced some business-specific information on how to manage the impact of COVID-19 cases at your workplace. Including continuity and contingency planning:

  • Plan for ways to continue to operate if workers need to self-isolate or get sick.
  • Consider other businesses you deal with, and how they might be affected by COVID-19 cases
  • Have a plan for communicating with workers and customers
  • Continuity and contingency planning – These plans won’t just help with COVID-19 – they can support your business during other interruptions, like natural disasters or utility disruptions, such as a water mains failure or a power cut.

Tourism & Accommodation Sector Support

Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) has released guidelines under the Traffic Light System for accommodation and tourism activities. Tourism activities come under Entertainment, recreation, and exercise, meaning vaccinations for all workers are required.


COVID-19 Protection Framework guidelines for accommodation providers
COVID-19 Protection Framework guidelines for tourism activities

CEDA’s team are here to support you and help answer any questions you may have.

We recognise that the level of information is significant, and rapidly changing each day. Get in touch so we can help guide you through the different supports available to you and connect you with the resources you need. 

Our dedicated team of Business Growth Advisors can connect you to the right information and resources to assist you in navigating this unprecedented time for your business. Ways we can help include:   

  • Connecting you to professional service providers to assist you with the issues that you are facing e.g. cash flow management, business continuity management.
  • Provide you with relevant and up to date information on how and where to access Government support.
  • Assist Māori businesses on Government support available.  
  • Provide you with an experienced Business Mentor to provide additional guidance over the next 12 months. Business Mentors come with specific skills and are matched depending on your needs.  
  • Facilitate funding for Research and Development including project grants.   

Contact CEDA on 06 350 1830 or [email protected] 

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